Scholarships and Bursaries Program

At Private Solutions Agency, we are committed to always learning and encourage everyone to further their education whenever possible. We are partnering with local businesses, Colleges and Universities to allow more people to obtain a higher education and obtain meaningful employment.

Thank you for your dedication to a higher education!


Objective Intelligence Collection


We never stop learning.


Our passion drives us to new discoveries.

Private Investigator Training

Private Solutions Agency and its partners offer an online (50 hour) Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services approved Private Investigator Training Course.

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Why is Continuing Education Important?

1. Increases your ability to make a career transition by learning transferable skills.

2. Increases your personal development and understanding.

3. Improves your lifestyle.

4. Increased Salary/ Compensation based on skills & knowledge.

5. Opportunities for promotions and growth.

2021 Bursaries & Programs

We currently offer the following opportunities for continuing education for secondary school students and adult training.

1. Ontario Private Investigator Training (Online 50 hours).

  • Available for students in post secondary and adults who demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

2. $500 Post Secondary Education Bursary.

  • Available for students who demonstrate a commitment to community service and volunteering.

3. $500 Professional Training Program Bursary

  • Available for adults looking to make a positive career change.

4. $1000 Post Secondary Education Scholarship

  • Available for students who maintain at least 80% average grade throughout grade 12.

Advance Yourself.

“As you spend time devoted to learning, the outcomes are positive for your career and your overall lifestyle. Improving your career often trickles down to the rest of your life because you’re more satisfied with your job, make more money, etc.

Don’t wait to change your life, start your continuing education path now and get ready for the lifestyle you have wanted..